SEEC Co-Chairs respond to President Biden's commitment to cut greenhouse gas pollution in half by 2030

April 22, 2021
Press Release

Washington D.C. – Today, the Co-Chairs of the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition (SEEC), including Reps. Gerry Connolly, Doris Matsui and Paul Tonko, made the following statement in response to the Biden-Harris Administration’s announcement that it will set a new U.S. target under the Paris Agreement to reduce our net greenhouse gas emissions by 50-52% from 2005 levels in 2030.

“This Earth Day we commend the Administration’s announcement that they will commit to cutting our greenhouse gas pollution in half by 2030. This commitment will improve American lives by helping put Americans back to work and delivering more than $150 billion in public health and climate benefits, and it is an important step forward in addressing the climate crisis.”

“But we also know that meeting this goal and our longer-term climate goals will require Congress to pass the job-creating, equity-building climate policies that our communities, our country, and our planet need. This Earth Day, and every day, SEEC will continue the fight to advance these policies in Congress until they reach the President’s desk.”

“Earth Day 2021 provides an important moment to remind ourselves not only of the incredible opportunity before us to build back better if we are willing to face the climate crisis and address it, but also of what’s at stake if we don’t. At this moment we are making decisions for future generations. So many in coming generations will have little or no say in the decisions we make around climate change, but they will live with all the consequences. Inaction or inadequate action will mean our children and grandchildren trying to shoulder the cost of emergency after emergency in an unstable world. That cost is far too high; we cannot leave our children an uninhabitable world. Instead, we must build something better for them.”