Statement on the Third National Climate Assessment

May 6, 2014 Issues: Climate Change

Washington, D.C.—Today, the United States Global Change Research Program released our third National Climate Assessment (NCA).  Required by Congress through the United States Global Change Research Act of 1990, the NCA is the product of four years of work by hundreds of our nation's top scientists.  It provides the latest insights into the historical, current, and future state of climate in the United States. 

Following its transmission to Congress by Dr. Holdren of the Office of Science and Technology Policy and Dr. Sullivan of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, SEEC issued the following statement:

"SEEC welcomes the release of our third National Climate Assessment.  At a time when Americans across our country are experiencing unprecedented flooding, extreme droughts, and super storms, it is critical that we fully understand and appreciate the driving force behind these devastating and life-threatening events is climate change.

"Today's report confirms what we have long known: that climate change is happening, and it is happening now.  Left unabated, climate change will make extreme weather events more frequent and intense, altering our coastlines, our food-production system, and our health and well-being.  We cannot allow this to happen. 

“Our children deserve the bright future we promised when we brought them into this world.  We have a moral responsibility to fulfill that promise, and not leave them a world ravaged by climate change.

"We appreciate President Obama's continued efforts to help protect our children's future and take important actions on climate change. The carbon pollution standards outlined in his Climate Action Plan will reduce emissions responsible for our changing climate.  SEEC Members thank the President for his commitment to addressing climate change and look forward to working with him to enact meaningful solutions."