Trump Administration environmental review reveals willingness to accept a catastrophic 7-degree rise in temperature by 2100

Sep 28, 2018 Issues: Climate Change

Washington D.C. – Today SEEC Leadership, including Co-Chairs Reps. Gerry Connolly, Doris Matsui and Paul Tonko and Vice-Chairs Reps. Mike Quigley, Matt Cartwright, Alan Lowenthal, Chellie Pingree and Jared Polis released the following statement in response to reports that the Trump Administration is assuming a dangerous 7-degree Fahrenheit temperature rise if the planet remains on its current course. The assumption was included in an environmental impact statement released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) related to its rollback of fuel efficiency standards for cars and light duty trucks.

“The assumption embedded in this environmental review of the Administration’s clean car standards rollback is startling, both in that it is a clear admission from the Administration that climate change is happening and that the Trump Administration is willing to accept catastrophic levels of warming as a foregone conclusion. But business as usual is not our only choice. We have the knowledge, technology and the innovative spirit needed to limit or avoid some of the most dangerous impacts of climate change, and we can create jobs and economic opportunity in the process. The Trump Administration has demonstrated that it is content to allow devastating climate impacts to occur unchecked.  But for our part, SEEC will not stand by and accept that future. Instead, we will continue to fight for a healthy planet and a resilient, sustainable economy for this generation of Americans and for the generations to come.”